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RebirthM is an original Korean MMORPG. Designed with PC classics Lineage2 and Aion in mind, its controllers and gameplay are strikingly similar. But -- for now, anyway -- RebirthM's monetization system is far more sophisticated and won't leave you feeling tricked out of your money; in fact you can play most of its content for free.

Conceptually, RebirthM offers everything you've come to expect from fantasy Asian-MMOs. There's no lack of distinct social classes, hundreds of missions to complete, dungeons to storm, and an active social component in order to win. In fact, PvP battles are found scattered throughout each area of the game.

What's most surprising in terms of visuals is that RebirthM is an open mode 3D game where you control your character from third person perspective from an open angle camera view -- which isn't exactly common in these kinds of games where shots are generally set up from a more rigid vantage point. Regardless, controllers are easily handled and you'll find that a good deal of actions are automatic, so your hero heads to the next destination on its own without your input.

RebirthM is a fine option for any serious fan of multiplayer RPGs; you'll soon find that its design, controllers and graphics are stellar and leave nothing left to be desired from any of the major PC MMORPGs from the past few years.
By Erika Okumura
RebirthM, a great MMORPG for Android that's just as good as big PC games

Asian MMORPGs are getting a fresh start on mobile devices. Iconic sagas like Lineage II, MU, and Maplestory already have adaptations for Android, with concepts that are becoming closer and closer to the big titles we'd find for PC. That said, mobile technology is getting close to, or in many cases is comparable to PC quality, as we can clearly see in RebirthMan impressive MMORPG that has you explore a beautiful fantasy world while farming uncontrollably in an endless power climb. 
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This open BETA is available from July 17th 2018 on.